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Website Design & Development

I am a professional Web Developer and Web Designer in Tokyo that has developed huge sites such as, (a site in size and comparison with, and small websites for everyday businesses. Please view my full web design portfolio here.  I am a web designer that specializes in WordPress, Backdrop and Drupal 7 Content Management Systems (CMS) for web development. I use the best CMS system (or Static Site) to fit the client's needs and wants with a consultation from me on which might possibly better fit the situation.

Web Design Layout example

Web Design example project layout


Will this be your first website?

Don't know exactly what kind of website you want? Would you like a little help or advice from a professional website designer? Contact me, give me a call, I can explain and convey things in a very easy-to-understand way.  You will be talking to the "real-guy" who actually develops websites and not just a salesman or the front desk. I'm in Tokyo and eager to provide quality and personalized web design services.


Looking to Upgrade or Update your website?

Do you have experience with owning a website and maybe want to update it or add a feature?  Is your site "Responsive"? Do you have an "older" Wordpress or Drupal website that is acting up and in need of a web designers attention? Contact me, let me know what you want and we can talk it through.


Custom or "Template"

I have developed incredibly massive websites from the ground up, custom design.  And, I have developed websites using a "Template".  Honestly... these days, for most situations, using a "Template" may be the best way to go.  Even though a website may be a "Template", add your own pictures, copy and maybe an extra feature or two and nobody will know it's a template. "Template" websites save A LOT of website design time and development... and therefore money!  However, if you do want a "Custom" design I can of course implement that.


Website Content

Ok, so you have a new website in the works... but, do you have the content to fill it out? You will need lots of pictures and yes, text too! Pictures you snapped from your iPhone or Droid probably won't cut it, this is your "Professional" face to the world and not a Social Site post. Professional and Excellent Photography can "make" a website. The website design will of course display and "frame" your content beautifully but first and foremost you must have good content. There are literally tons of "Stock Photography" websites these days where we can find professional level images to fill your site or the best option is to always have professional photography taken and or video.

Please see our detailed pages for:
Professional Photography
Video Production
Content Writing (Text)



In the "old days" of the web, SEO meant lots of little tricks to spoof search engines and rank high. Well, the top search engines don't make billions of dollars by being ignorant to these "tricks" and are constantly adjusting and filtering out the crap. Of course your website should have basic Search Engine Optimization done throughout the site and as a professional web designer I will take care to see this is done. However, these days... "SEO" really means Excellent Content, lots of it AND adding content every once in a while. If you want to rank "Organically" (without having to pay) in a decent position, your going to have to have "Excellent Content".

Please see our detailed page on:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)



Please see my Website Design and Development Costs page for information on "How much will a website cost".


Industry Specific Website Design and Development

Real Estate Industry - specifically Real Estate Agent Websites

I "may be" updating/adding specific industry pages in the future but have been very busy so please email me or call me if you have any web design and development "Industry Specific" questions


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