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Video Production

Video and commerical production in colorado

I am a Creative Director / Producer

I help to shape and consult with you on your ideas or will come up with my own totally original production ideas for you to consider. I can easily put together a production crew that best fits the needs of the project and budget.


Broadcast TV or Web Distribution (YouTube, Web Site, etc)


  • Promote your business
  • Promote your products
  • Promote your service
  • Connect with customers


  • Music Videos
  • Short & Feature Film Production
  • Filmed Scenarios


  • Event Coverage
  • Commercial
  • Promotional
  • Presentation Recordings
  • Training & Induction Videos
  • Product Instructional's
  • Infomercials


My Philosophy and Process for content production


Great distribution with bad content (video, photos or text) is one of the costliest mistakes businesses make. This is because your brand and reputation are at stake. The production values of your videos need to match your brand image and values. So take care with your choice of video production person/company.

Despite the drop in price of cameras and editing software now that we've gone digital, there remains a highly technical craft and knack for creativity for both filming and editing videos. Using an amateur director, producer or photographer is usually a poor choice for business a production. this is even truer for a business video where the viewer directly relates both the visual and audio quality to the quality of your product or service. Do you want a boring or mediocre video that people quickly click away from or a walking talking video that shows off your business for you 24/7? And what is the latter worth to your business?



Great video content with no distribution strategy is a good way to waste both time and money. You need to make sure you have a strategy about how you're going to get your videos in front of your target audience. We've all probably learnt by now the error of thinking ‘we'll build it and they'll come’ applied to web sites; this is just as relevant to online videos.

I can greatly help with a YouTube channel, consider other social media can you use for distribution, and how else can you spread the link to your online videos.


3. SEO

Finally bear in mind the huge asset that online video is in terms of search engine optimization. At the moment Google weights video around 50 times higher than plain text. This means that by having videos on your site you are much more likely to appear high in search results. So make sure you index your videos properly so that Google, as well as your target audience, can find them.


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