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web design and web development

Creative Director

I was a Creative Director / Producer for Live Events for many years in Tokyo.  I returned to the United States and lived in Las Vegas where I co-produced TV shows for Japan, managed a Creative Agency and generated original ideas and concepts for presentation and development. You can see more about some of my larger projects on my personal consulting page,


Video Production

I am a content Producer/Director. I have produce things such as TV commercials and shows, web commercials, "webisodes", Independent films, and branded content. Productions include "Network" TV Shows in Japan, National commercials in Japan, sitcom pilots for the US market and Online Videos for Websites.  I have also produced some "Independent" movies and many "fun" projects just to enjoy creating!

For examples of my Video Productions, please see my Portfolio Page.


Web Design and Development

I have been developing websites since... well, the beginning of the internet. Back then, not many people could develop websites and there were no "Content Managment Systems" so for all the projects I created or was put in charge of, I also did the web work. Fast foward many years and I have literally developed hundreds of websites, was a "Lead Developer" at a web shop for a couple years and even have developed my own Content Management System and online Chat App. Of course online Marketing became a natural skill also. I can provide "Organic SEO", PayPerClick (PPC) campaigns and "Content Posting" campaigns.

I have many years of professional Web Design and Development experience. Freelance, Employed or under Contract I have developed extremely complicated sites from the ground up.

For examples of my Web Developments, please see my Portfolio Page.

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