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Website Design Costs

Website Design & Development Costs


I build "Custom Sites" (see below), have a "Basic Website Design Package" for $696 and can "adjust/add features" to the basic package to fit your needs.

Basic Website Design Package $696

  • A Professional Content Management System, (a "CMS" which allows you to make edits and changes) in either WordPress, Drupal or Backdrop
  • Responsive Design (which means the website will automatically adjust to fit any size screen whether it be a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer screen)
  • Your content added (up to 2 pages) and training (1-2 hours) to teach you how to add your own content
  • A contact form
  • SEO (Basic)
  • 1 Year FREE hosting (about a $120 value!)
  • 1-2 hours training
  • 1-2 weeks delivery

Basic Package Adjustments

If the "Basic Website Design" package does not fit your needs or you just want to "add" some features, just let me know and I can give you an affordable quote.

Custom Website Design

My basic package may work well for many types of businesses but I have also done tons of custom sites from small to absolutely huge. Depending on your needs and wants, consult with me and we can discuss what kind of features are needed for your site.

Ongoing Costs

Once a website has been completed and is put online, there are "ongoing costs" that you should be aware of. Please see "Website Ongoing Costs" for details.

I put a "Simplified" Website Development Costs graphic together below:

Website Design Cost

Even looking at this "Simplified" graphic, you can easily tell that there are lots of variables that need to be decided before a "cost" can be determined for a custom site.

Think of going out to buy a house... do you want a 1,000 Sqft. house or a 4,000 Sqft. house? Do you want a track home or a custom home? Do you want to be in a cul-de-sac or regular street? Do you want an alarm system, pool, etc? The options go on and on.

I'm not a "Salesman" nor do I want to be a "Salesman", I'm a real developer that can and will tell you exactly how things work and how much they will cost. I also will give advice and try to figure options and or alternate methods to fit your budget if costs are high.

However, before I can give a quote, we need to talk through what you want. Once we get that nailed down, the "How much will it cost" question comes to light. Custom website site design and development can run from a thousand to hundreds of thousands... to millions. That little FaceBook site you use everyday... looks simple right? Just log in, you have a little page and can post stuff. Do you know how many people are employed to run that thing!? And, how many building and how much hardware it takes? ... a lot.

The consultation is free, the quote is free... give me a call, let's talk it through and then I can give you a quote.

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