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Website Management & Maintenance

Website Management

Ok, so... you have a website but are too busy taking care of other things!  And, you want a real professional handling updates, content addition and editing. I can handle that.  Just contact me initially so we can talk the details and then every time you need an update, just full out the "Update Request" form. See our fees on "Content Creation here.


Website Maintenance

The most OVERLOOKED aspect in the website world is "Website Maintenance". Do you have a website but.... haven't updated it in... well, a long time? WordPress Site? Drupal Site?  Did you know that hackers spend their entire day trying to hack into and do all kinds of malicious things with outdated sites like these?  Please don't think, "It'll never happen to me" because, it does! I have seen it a few times.  Is your site backed-up regularly? It better be... because hackers can hack and servers can go down.

I also offer "Maintenance Contracts" on sites.  A "Maintenance Contract" includes Site Back-ups and "updates" to sites when they need them on a monthly basis. Contact me if you are interested in hearing more about this or read about "Ongoing Website Costs".

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