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TEL: (Tokyo) 070-2667-3249 or Get Started Here! is a business that helps expecting mothers with the "Childbirth Experience".  Its a small business that needed a presence on the web.  Being a small business they did not need to make updates "all the time" and did not need a huge, bloated, un-needed CMS system to run the site.  A small "Static Website" system I developed enables this site to run super fast and no worries about getting hacked or having to update plugins all the time.  The site is clean, fresh, fast and gives a really nice "presence" for this business on the web.

Custom Features

  • Logo enhancement (took old logo and made better)
  • Website Design and Developement
  • Graphic Design
  • Contact Form
  • Responsive and easy to use

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070-2667-3249 Tokyo, Japan