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This website was built in a style that has been gaining momentum recently.  The "Style" is a "one-page" site with links that don't click off to another page but rather just scroll down the page to a "section".  Why has this type of site been gaining popularity you may ask? Well, because many businesses really don't have that much content so there is no reason to have separate pages for everything.  This type of "brochure" site makes it easy for the visitor to see everything quickly. Furthermore this site was NOT built on a CMS (Content Management System) because the vast majority of sites do not need a CMS!!  A CMS system is great! if you need it but if you don't they are extreme overkill that require databases and maintenance. 

Custom Features

  • Custom Code (one-page, static)
  • Custom javaScript Animation
  • Fully Responsive and FAST

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