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A simply awesome Social Site built using Drupal as the base.  Has pretty much all the basic features of FaceBook except this site offers "privacy" features that most people may want to consider.  Users get a "Timeline" ('Home' with only their posts and 'Mix' with theirs and friends posts), "Pages" where they can basically make a website and "Photos Page" which shows all the photos they posted on their "Timeline". I developed this site 100%. NOTE: the link below links to a typical users "Timeline" as an example.  You can easily create an account and try it out if you like from the Hompage.

Custom Features

  • To many features to mention... but...
  • User Login and Back-End Management
  • FaceBook Like Social Site
  • "Pages" section where users can create a website
  • "Like", "Comment", "TimeLine", Image Posting, Video Posting... and Lots more...

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