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  • Chatting is built with the Backdrop CMS as it's base.  However, the actual "Chat" part of this site is really it's own "App" that can stand on its own and be used on ANY device.  I completely built the Chat App from the ground up.  It is a very complicated system that works... Great! and Fast!  Literally thousands of people can chat (depending on the Server and how much it can handle).  The actual "site" is pretty basic but the "Chat" app and the Functionality of the Chat App contains very advanced programming.

Custom Features

  • Can create literally an infinite amount of rooms with an infinite amount of categories
  • Ability for users to "Change the Style / Appearance" of the chat
  • Ability for users to "Change the 'alert' Sound" (or turn off)
  • Ability for users to "kick" someone from their chat
  • Ability for users to upload images during chat

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