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Internet Marketing

To put it simply, Internet Marketing is very complicated... And, constantly changing. Clients typically ask, "Why isn't my website on page 1 of a Google Search?"  It's beyond the scope of this quick explanation but just try to realize, for example, there are 5 million other pizza restaurants trying to get on page 1 of a Google Search with the word "pizza" too!  So, how can your website "Rank" well? There are 3 main methods:


Colorado Springs Web Design and SEO

1.) Organic Ranking

This means "Without paying ANY money to Search Engines" and ranking in a search.  Your site can "Organically Rank" by using good and relevant page "Titles", "Descriptions" and content.  Also, "updating" content on the site on a regular basis makes the site seem "alive" to Google helps in ranking also.


2.) PayPerClick

This means you "Pay Search Engines" to place your site at the top or a very visible position on the first page. By "Paying" for ranking, you can easily be on page 1 very quickly... just depends on how much you want to spend.

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3.) Social Marketing

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"Social Marketing", By posting content to FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Cloudbrat, etc. and getting people to click back to your website, is another effective way to build visits to your site.  Note! You can't just post junk Or constantly "push" your product/brand!  If you do that, your going to LOSE "Likes", "Friends" and Visitors!  The "Correct Way" to promote your site on these outlets is very subtle yet effective and takes finesse. 



If I build your website I will include basic "Organic SEO" in every website.


Services I offer for website marketing include,

  • "In Depth" research into your website and what it offers to determine "key" words and content.  Using this research to add or edit your websites "Titles" and "Content" in order to organically rank higher.
  • Management of your "PayPerClick" Campaigns
  • Management (which could include "creation") of Social Site's content


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